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  • The sinus Body is a pulsed sinus wellness device that you can wear that will supply the body’s own cells with the 8 hertz frequency of the Earth (known as the Schumann frequency). In addition, regulation frequencies against electrosmog pollution (stray field pollution) are recorded. The combination of a pulsed geomagnetic field and the neutralisation of electrosmog pollution makes the principle of bioresonance regulation complete. The rhythms of life (chronobiology) can find their way back to their actual task - the promotion and maintenance of vitality and well-being.

    Product dimensions: length 46 mm, width 27 mm, height 16 mm

    Housing material: Bio-certified PLEXIGLAS 7N, medical quality

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    The pulsed magnetic field in pure sinusoidal form (geomagnetic field), which the body is naturally familiar to, can strengthen your bioresonance, allowing your body better access to its vital potential (bioresilience) and thus automatically better able to handle stress.

    Strong bioresonance can lead to physical and mental relaxation. This can result in better sleep (more intense, more restful) as well as an optimal regeneration from everyday environmental stress (environmental toxins, electrosmog) and the impact of stressors. It can also increase cognitive activity (concentration, memory, reaction). In addition, improving your bioresilience creates the opportunity for the body to regenerate itself.


    pulsed geomagnetic field

    bioresonance activated

    promoting resilience

    neutralising electrosmog


    The sinus Body may be worn by anyone at any age. Nevertheless, one should note any restrictions when it comes to applying a pulsed magnetic field system (even if non-therapeutic, e.g. the sinus body). People with the following limitations should not use pulsed magnetic field systems (or only after consultation with a physician):

    • Those who have cardiac pacemakers and other electronic implants (e.g. insulin pumps).
    • People with severe angina pectoris.
    • People with acute bleeding.
    • People with severe fungal disorders.
    • People who suffer from epilepsy.
    • People with severe cardiac arrhythmias (grades 3 and 4).
    • People who suffer from acute tuberculosis.
    • People with hyperthyroidism.
    • People with a fever (over 39° C).

    During pregnancy, magnetic therapy should only be applied in exceptions and after professional consultation.

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  • Substanziell

    Gesundheit ist weder eine Art restlose Funktionstüchtigkeit noch die absolute Abwesenheit von Krankheit. Vielmehr ist Gesundheit nach unserem Verständnis eine Fähigkeit des Menschen, auch das Widrige und Einschränkende soweit in das eigene Lebenskonzept zu integrieren, dass er über diese Einschränkungen hinweg sein Leben so führen kann, wie er sich das wünscht, ein Leben, das nicht allein von der Krankheit bestimmt wird.

    Die Inhalte des Buches

    • Gesundheit und Krankheit
    • Gesundheit und moderne Wissenschaft
    • Schwingung und Resonanz
    • Die Rhythmen der Natur
    • Resilienz und Gesundheit
    • Ressourcen für eine ganzheitliche Gesundheit
    • Helfer auf dem Weg zum Gesundheitsexperten

    Sprache: Deutsch

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  • Active whitening, black bamboo charcoal toothpaste. The active ion, high-adsorption cleaning of the bamboo charcoal can remove teeth discoloration due to smoking, tea or other reasons.

    Content: 160 g

    Product details

    The oral cavity, with its body temperature, saliva and endless nooks, provides good living conditions for microorganisms, which remain balanced under natural conditions. This balance must be held and favoured because oral health is significantly influenced by the nature of the oral bacterial flora (bacterial colonization in the mouth).

    The new i-like oral care has been designed to actively support the maintenance of this balance. High-quality ingredients in our care products ensure a constant monitoring of your Yin-Yang balance. For a radiant smile and a fresh breath.

    Moreover, the i-like bamboo toothpaste offers the following benefits:

    • active whitening, black bamboo charcoal toothpaste
    • comprehensive care for your teeth
    • fights plaque and gives long-lasting freshness
    • molecular care and protection for the gums
    • natural white and a confident smile
    • free of fluoride
    • fresh breath
    • restores the natural whiteness of the teeth
    • promotes a vital gum
    • bioresonance programming for active vitalisation

    Water, Bamboo charcoal C active ion, Bamboo charcoal powder, Holly plant, Pearl calcium powder, Natural plant extract, Calcium carbonate, Hydrated silica, Food flavor, Cellulose gum, Glycerin, Sorbitol

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