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Perhaps the time has NOW come, to take a new aspect of your personal success into your own hands.
Perhaps you are already self-employed and already have customers (or patients), as well as many contacts among your fellow students, business partners, associations, etc.

Perhaps you are at the beginning of your professional career and are looking for new challenges with potential for success?

The main aim of an i-like business partner is to pursue the achievement of personal freedom! Well-being, quality of life and freedom are probably the best basis for a job. You will very much enjoy dealing with people and can do a great deal of good.

werde Partner

werde Partner

As i-like business partner, you have the possibility to help people train, and to accompany them on their road to success! You can expect extensive support in your new task. It is easy to become an i-like advisor, but to be able to advise competently, you must be actively engaged. You need practically no starting capital for your new "independence" - getting to know your own i-like products and a few brochures is sufficient to begin with! i-like has a training and further training offer at cost price. Us the know-how of the i-like team for your own and your professional guidance.



The professional opportunity and business opportunity that we have to offer through the enormously growing wellness market, is really attractive and is characterised by the "Wu Shan De" (Virtues of Confucius). We would be delighted if we could demonstrate the opportunity to your friends or acquaintances.

If you have decided to actively develop a group and/or to advise on i-like Vital products, please contact us! We are here for you!

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